I, Von Gretshun Smith-Gross, am a inspirational young woman who holds a certificate in Holistic Life Coaching which implicates a mental, physical, and/or spiritual being/soul.  I am also a Licensed Vocational Nurse with 14+ years of service.  I am a proud parent of 4.  We are all residents  of Tyler, TX and have been from birth.


  My why began when tragedy struck our family in 2016 when we lost our first grandson at the age of 2 months from OI.  During the grievance period my mind, body and internal soul were severely challenged.  This strong woman fell victim to circumstances she had no control over.  Oh, but one day and many months and years I had to do a mind check.  I realized that a season is not meant to be eternal.


 Through God's love, a huge support system from my family, doctors, counseling and self-determination....I survived on purpose!  My mission is to not only coach you, but it is to reach out to others and help them to survive on purpose and with purpose!

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